Powerful body, powerful mind. The two are inseparable. Enough aimless effort please! Continue your journey here and reap the rewards of the physical and mental discipline required to become your best self.

Offering you a World Cup athlete’s understanding of the human machine

Empowering you

Highly specific functional training for your environment

Retraining your movements

Louis qualified as a REPs & EREPS approved Personal Trainer in June of 2016 and went straight to work for Virgin Active Gym. Fortunately, he pretty instantly realised that the big gym model was not for him… suppose that’s what happens when you try to fit a very square peg into a very round hole…

So the private route it was. Louis chose to exercise patience, build slowly, trust his knowledge, apply everything he had and would continue to learn from his training, injuries and the top athletes, coaches and medical professionals around him, and find his own style.

The result… a holistic, functional and sustainable training approach which treats every person as if they were a professional athlete because really, what’s the difference? We all have to perform optimally in what we are doing, and our bodies play a huge part in that.

It was his physio, Ciaran McCoole, who Louis’s worked with since he was 14 years old, who first made it clear how everything in the human body is connected and how we should think about the complete machine.
Louis trains with this idea of connectedness in mind, so as well as grinding away in-session to realise your goals, you will probably find yourself challenging some old habits, as well as creating the news ones necessary to support your hard work, outside the session.

This may demand changes as big as addressing the eating and sleeping patterns that are negatively affecting your testosterone production. Or as subtle as addressing a 20-year-old subconscious habit of always breathing to the left while swimming, which has left you with imbalances and posterior chain weaknesses.

Either way, our strengths and our weaknesses are personal, which is why Louis emphasises training in line with our bodies, our brains, our habits and our lifestyles.

It is also why, when it comes to training, Louis’ favourite word is specificity. What good athletes and successful people do better than anyone, is work hard when they need to, and waste next to no time or energy when they don’t. Louis tries to apply this to every client and every session.

It is our differences that make us exceptional, so our approach has to remain personal.

You’re going to spend the majority of your time with yourself. You better love what you see and love how you feel. If you’re ready to, please reach out, Louis would love to talk to you.